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Is there a way to rotate buildings?

Here you go! The Incinerator in question is to the North of the West Forest.

Umm... how?

I have noticed that when a 'naut can't put a resource into a machine, they will always just wait until they can. However, with the Incinerator, this doesn't seem to happen, at least not all the time. My 'nauts get stuck with extra resources in their hands if someone else is trying to use the Incinerator at the same time. Is there anyway I can fix this without having a different Incinerator for each Bot? Or is this a bug with the game. I have a save with an example, if you wanna see it, but I'm not sure how/where to upload it...

SCP Clicker community · Created a new topic Multiple Bugs
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The Black Shuck is broken. Whenever you click it, it seems to add another instance of its cost.

The Director's Cut and Self-Defense Sugar don't have a "no containment cost" tooltip as I have seen a few others have.

I will continue to update this as I find them.