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I know what you mean. The point of being in space is the gravity is messed up. Doesn't really make sense that you can just walk around does it?

Wow, I thought this was a lower quality game. Thanks!

Thanks! This game was made for Secret Santa 2021 and my giftee wanted a two player game.


Well it was made in scratch but I didnt share it. It´s probably just a similar theme/idea.

I love the game idea, maybe the speed of enemies should increase. You can just replace enemy speed with a variable that increases every few seconds. Another thing that can improve is the art because I dont really understand the player, but other than this very cool game.

Seems like a cool game but is very laggy for some reason. Might have to do with the scratch rendering pen engine you're using

Thanks! I´m able to make title screen´s easier with Scratch.

Thank you!

He posted it on his Discord and on Twiter.

Its on December 22nd 9am - 9pm cst

Thanks! But I just took the game background from a free image site on google. All other art is by me though.


First Jam and first real JS game.