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Great game. Those who can afford to donate, do it. Help them to create their new horror game

My impression of the game is good. I like the idea of this game. One thing that is interesting is about the light. If you turn off the flashlight you are totally blind and can not see anything.

I belive the game could become popular.  And is good since there is also a lore involved in the game in which there was a fire incident where parents died and the child was not found. If more popular youtubers will play it, it will have success.

My recommandations: try to change the sound of the Mask jumpscare, it is somehow an ear rape which some people would find it annoying later. Also, remove the slapping sound or at least change it with something else so people would not find a reason to say "ohh, this is like baldi's basics!!!"

In other news, I also created a video with all the jumpscares from this demo version and a few other things included on the video like the map and my first gameplay

I really enjoyed the game, it left me with a WhiteDay: A Labyrinth named School atmopshere.

Speaking about criticism: I belive you need to do an update by fixing the brightness which is not really attractive to play it because is very high and also the final chasing of the monster. I had to spend around 10 minutes before I could finally make it to the end. The character is just too slow on the final scene for this monster.

Total minutes of gameplay: 29 minutes and 54 seconds

Great game

Great to hear it!

Waiting for more updates

Nice game

Thanks for the tips!

I will think about the choices so I can see what Enthruxia has for me on the end.

Well, that was an experience:

Awesome game!

Looks like there is a long road until I get the real "the end"

The graphic quality is nice.

The sound system terrible. Give it an update and fix the dialogue first. I can hear all the clicks of the mouse while I am playing with the headphones. The soundtrack is okay however not atmospheric. You could change it with something more horror. There is blood on the walls however nothing to be afraid of.  The game needs an antagonist.

Bear hug!