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Okay, I just had to put this out there... THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GAME IN EXISTENCE!! Everything from the storyline to each character's personality is truly and utterly impeccable. I played this game in March (But I didn't complete it) and at 12 am today, I had a sudden urge to play it again. I've just completed every character's ending at 2.47 am and I'm sorry, but I'm not mentally okay. Sure, this game looks "old" but it is so enjoyable!!!!!!!!!! All characters are extremely lovable and unique, still can't choose my favourite (probably Shiro or Derek). I really feel like playing it all again!!

The artstyle is soooooooooooooo adorable (so are the characters!!). I also love the mix of online games and "real life". This makes it so cool! It inspired me to think of playing online games uwu.

Travis' route:

Travis is a cutie!! He was accidentally the first route I took. The whole grumpy nerd he had going on at the beginning was somehow very cute. And I'm sorry, but when he said he'd be my guardian in real life, you have no idea how much my heart melted. BOI!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!! Like tbf, he really is. My fav quote: "Hm...I wonder" <3

Shiro's route:

Shiro is by far the cutest guy in this game. When he was tsundere-like at the beginning, I found it so adorable yet quite annoying. "Child, I'm trying to be your friend!!" Was what was going through my mind when he wouldn't look at me. I find the story with his parents so sad but I'm glad you guys put a positive spin on it!! When Rui fell on top of him, that was the highlight of my experience with this games uwu. Alsoooo you have no idea how shooketh I was when I found out who he was in the online game. He's such a gentleman n'awwwww- WOWZA I LOVE HIM-!!

Derek's route:

At first I didn't really like Derek because he seemed like a fuckboy. But I eventually fell for his charm and boy!! Am I glad that I did!! I absolutely adore Derek and I worked so hard to win his heart. It was so worth it though. I love his protectiveness and his energy. And I also REALLY(!!) love how he can be sincere sometimes. I was extremely shocked when I found out his character. I loved his CGs... I LOVED ALL OF THEIR CGS!!

Just keep playing until you get the extra ending for your chosen route and I promise you you will be the most satisfied person in the world. Or play every character and get the bonus ending too! 

I'm also missing a CG from the others' gallery, please can someone tell me how to find it? Thanks :)))))))))))))))))

Thank you for creating this stunning game, it gives me lifffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee