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One does not simply not slay a dragon.x

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This game was really fun to play. The story seems really cool. I've seen this game before, so I'm glad I finally played it.

Explains a lot :")

Pretty cool game. It's hard, but it stretches your abilities which I like a lot. This was fun to play for a while. I like games like this (puzzles I guess you could say) because its makes you use your brain.

What XD

Glad that pun wasn't... COLD! hehehe.

I made a mistake. I played the second game before the first. Makes more sense now. I'm sorry for my stupitity.

This game seems relaxing owo

IT IS CUUTE o3o ;u;

This game looks cute ;w; .3.

I'd love to play this game. I think things went a bit too fast in this game. The characters are perfect. I think things should be added in between parts where things happen, like for instance, you have to find Salt and Pepper before they eat up Juju, or something like that. This game has alot of potenial and i also think its Adorable!