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Hey, thanks for making such a fun game and releasing it at a reasonable price. I’ve had a lot of fun upgrading and blowing up ships today!

A couple of ideas occurred to me whilst playing; no doubt you’ve already thought of most of these.  :)

Drag and drop when equipping weapons to turrets, the double selection process is a little frustrating. 

A way to see an overview of my ship, perhaps a schematic view. Functionally I’d like a simple way to see the spec of each equipped weapon as well as it’s impact on the overall reasources available to the ship. Possibly integrated into the equipment page allowing quick drag and drop changouts of weapons. 

An indicator of the current mission; I often forget where I’m supposed to be warping to. Perhaps an indicator on the warp selection screen showing the destination needed for the current mission.

Stronger indicators of my relationship status with a faction with various lasting consequences for attacking them (I love what you’ve already done with this). More factions!

Different resources to mine, perhaps some with risks, maybe certain types have to be shot from afar because they explode dealing damage when releasing resources, or others that gum up your weapons requiring repairs to clear out. Maybe some really large asteroids with varying densities, encouraging you to dig out resources from particular parts. 

A small chance to collect a weapon system when destroying an opponent, specifically one that opponent was using. 

I would love to see other types of upgrades to ships, armour, power, engines etc. 

Thanks again, Masteroid is exactly the kind of game I love to play, I was really excited to read about the depth of game play you’ve got in mind.