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It does help though it could be argued that once you mix the playbook moves alongside of it, it's kinda difficult to always remember when a move is triggered. (this article talks about it : ). And while you do have a point , perhaps it would be better to make some moves more, general if they're very similiar. 

Well it's simple, you already got the big three chapters, just add under them like chapter 2.4 : Armor , and so on. I think it's just a little awkward how empty it is and a little odd considering you do have distincting chapters with a bigger font, so it's just adding those so that the player can easily say:" Wait which page was the one about armor again? Oh yeah page 18".  Most other books do this.

That's fair enough and I look forward to it. 

I bought it and I am checking it out. It's interesting that it does replicate jojo but I do have a few things to point out.

On one hand it does mean you can cover a lot with the moves but doesn't the amount bog it down in a sense? I can image that a gm (especially one who tries out the system) has to glance more than a few times before realizing what moves the players triggers alongside probably missing a few cues by not noticing it. It's the gm that has to manage all the moves after all.

Another thing is the table of contents, the amount it covers is quiet minimal compared to what you actually have, it doesn't add anything to the rpg itself but it would give the pdf a more professional look to it if you would add some more to it.

What do you consider that has to be redone or added to the rpg?

Ah yes good to know. Thank you.

A question though about the mechanics. I noticed the amount of moves and compared to other pbta games it looks like there are a lot. Was there a certain number of moves you had in mind when you created them or were did you add them on the go?

Question: If I buy the game once, do I have to pay once more for when an update comes?