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Great audio, the controls are somewhat confusing, the voices are just perfect and the game has good detail.

Sounds fun so why not

nice and thanks

tbh it might be a bit much for quest but who knows

ngl this aint bad i mean i dont have phone vr but for a free game you do great

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Great idea an wow this supports basicly everything
you do good work

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why not seems great

okay i mean i aint complaining

oh sorry

could you maby make something like a youtuber expansion with a ton more killable bodies/skins of other people or just a skin uploader

id disagree

Could you maby make it steam vr capibl

looks great for what ive seen... ive seen this artwork

looks epic and i need some great vr physics

looks great and seams great you havent been peraded by the quest comunity

looks okay

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ima rate it first muhahaha
i can see its new

but if i could give suggestions a building and not the infinite protal of anoying light a sword that dosent move the way youre look appear back in youre hand ok i dislike almost everything the lighting the sword the room and the game 

sorry but i have to admit it you just went too overboard on effects it dosent look good

seems great and its free and has guns so why not

thank you