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Hi there c9_kaze, hope you're well! We can't have you disappointed! If you can join the Discord server or drop me an email, I'll do my best to get things running for you. Links at the bottom of this page

Hi Emskidoodlepip, I support the formats Unity works with natively - see for the list. It's basically MP3, WAV and OGG - no FLAC or AAC unfortunately. I've got a task on the backlog to transcode some formats, but it'll not be happening in the near future.

Pop on Discord (link is above) and I'll sort something out ;)

Hi Monsieur Cedric,  Thanks for your Quest purchase! There's a windows version in the works (Unity just recently fixed the issue with streaming MP3s, so it actually works now). No timescale yet - but if you'd like to help test it, reply and I'll get you a version.

Tazling, thanks for such wonderful feedback - lots to digest here. Much of what you suggest is already on the backlog and (time permitting) it'll get implemented; more effects, obviously.

The effect triggers are pretty simple at the minute - mostly tempo-triggers keyed off the beat detection, and there's a few effects that directly map frequency regions into triggers too. I'd love to generalise this so other folks could begin creating effects - similar to Milkdrop, I guess, although working in a space rather than a plane is quite different!

I've done a few prototypes of hand and finger trails, and that stuff is on the backlog - it looks great, but needs a little more work before it goes in.

Pop on Discord if you would like to give more feedback!

Hi! if you mean pausing the effects, there's no way to do that at the minute - I'm making some changes to effects sequencing which will let you stick on a single effect, but they're always going to change based on the music that's playing. If you want to talk about how I can help you record something, pop on Discord!

Hi! if you can, pop on Discord and we'll get your problem fixed. (the link is above)

Glad you like it! Have you tried Bedtime Mode? Go into the Settings / Effects menu and activate Bedtime Mode, and the effects should work for you lying down.