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Might be a bit long and I'll try to keep it spoiler free, for those glancing at comments questioning about giving it a go.

In the short and easy, I highly recommend this even if it might not be your cup of tea at a glance initially. (Twine, then PDFs if interested.)

I enjoyed this thoroughly and appreciate the warnings at the start, the tone and the way things went felt like it'd be really heavy on the heart.

To my surprise it turned out lighter (marginally) than I expected but no less deep in each part, together with the art, really helped tie things together all the better.

The choice in sounds and music, on point and fantastic. (The resounding thrum at points, sent a shiver through my joints.)

The number of routes and differences between them is great, and leaves me in a state, of wanting more and seeing how a continuation would play out from each in terms of art and writing as the Supplicant goes about.

A solid start with a handful of scenes, that definitely sparked some interest to see more with what is there, seeing the differences and sides with the choices makes it worth a read through or two too.