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I remember seeing this like 2 or so years ago and just remembering it today as "rat rpg" and i spent like 10 minutes trying to find this "rat rpg" that I remembered. Google searching things like "rat rpg" "rat rpg protagonist" "rat rpg with rats as main characters" "rat rpg where rats go to a groccery store", searching itchio for "rat rpg", "mouse rpg", and eventually searching "little mouse rpg" and finding it.  (And yes, those are all google searches I made.)

The grocery store(?) scene stuck out in my memory. How the game suddenly became a horror game. How the whole world was suddenly too big. I don't remember it well - as I said, 2 years ago I found this game in a random youtube video.

Thank you for making such an interesting and compelling game and setting.

Thank you for responding!!! That's totally fair. I hope to see your successes in the future! Sorry if I seemed harsh in my initial comment.

Is this project cancelled? This was one of my favorite things, and there hasn't been any talk about it for, like, years. I understand wanting to not update something you lost interest in, but there hasn't been any updates about it or anything.

I really liked the game! The different variations of 15 are pretty cool! Not gonna say what they are though, for people who may wanna discover them themselves.

You can go straight to the shrine on 12 / speed run - I don't know if that's on purpose or not, but wanted to let you know in case its not!

10 / climbing was really tricky for me. it might have just been me being impatient, though.