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Wont load=[

I won and lost! The last boss and I shot our lost shots at the same time. I died and he died. The lost screen came and then the victoryscreen! Super fun, I enjoy the concept of it a lot!

AMAZINGLY FUN! Wow so simple yet so fun. I love that there is no direct tower to attack and you can buff your click easily. Then out of no where boom! GHOST ATTACK! Puts you on your toes and gives it a fast pace feel. Love it. Awesome game.

Game soft lock on me when the prism destroyed almost all their items. Super fun game and dont even mind, I thought it was awesome. Just figure I let you know!

Excellent.  Perfect game.10/1

OOO! Fun!

WOw! Super fun! 

Cute fun and quick!

Great little game! In the tutorial I thought it was easy. Then the 1st wave kick my butt! The controls feel good but the animation is a bit wanky. Though, after the 2nd wave I got it down and really enjoy the game! My favorite weapon was the spear and axe. Thank you!

Well, I experience a bug with it yesterday. I was buying mangers then it got stuck on the 25m price. Then they ended up costing 0. And I was able to max it out.

Could you make it when you buy the talent "Buying a manger gives 2 free workers" Work with mangers bought prior to the upgrade? If not I understand. Fun game and thank you.

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Hmm, well I had it happen while I was multi-tasking. The first time it happen is when I clicked off to a different screen. I figure it was a bug but the 2nd time it happen was the same occurance. If I can replicate it Ill let you know ASAP

SUPER FUN GAME! But I have a recurring bug that keeps happening. For some reason the screen will zoom a bit ahead, the souls catch up, and then they infinitely run foward with no enemys. Thank you!

Im trying to pay for the game but the paypal page keeps glitching and coming up blank. If I install now, is their a way I can pay for it later?

Cute fun game :) hit the spot perfectly 

Epic. Im afking on runescape and this was the perfect distraction

Wow! incredible fun to play. At first you think "How simple. Couldnt be easier" then Boom!! Oh god I cant fit that sword! wait! its touching my inventory! oh no my mace! So much fun