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Hey everyone, Orbital Megastructure will be a book. I am working on it with a publisher. :) 

Oh, nice! :D

To generate ghoulies:

Found a bunch of typos now, I uploaded a new new version. Oh my.

I uploaded an updated version. 

Such an excellent catch! :D 

I re-uploaded the character sheet file and added a PDF version, there should be a jpg and a PDF character sheet file now. 

Oh yes, that would have been a good match. :) 

Thanks for the comments Kamingusu, it help me to want to expand on Liminal High School. :)

The one I am writing for Tales from the Void is designed to be played by high school students. I think Tales from the Void will be published in February or March.

Check my Dark Fairy Godmother, she is a good monster for LH Highschool, I am planning to publish more scenarios eventually. 

My plan is to try to finish it as I finish the Tales from the Void pamphlet adventure. 

Thanks Chaoclypse. :)

It was such a fun project to craft, I hope that putting it here will give it more visibility. :)

Hello, I have uploaded a new version. I fixed a bunch of typo and added a map of the lower level. 

This was such a fun jam! Wonderful to see many takes on the game. I hope we will do another next October. :D

PDF version added! :)

I uploaded the PDF version and added a bit of content. :)

I wanted to make one but I kept about it. I will try to do one this weekend if I find back the files.

I am going to use it for liminal high school tonight. 😊🤘👻

I have added a character sheet.
Note that I have modified on the sheet the stability that holding your phone provide (from d2 to d4-1)

Oh, nice! Thanks Alexander! :)

The Potato King is fully financed! Thanks everyone! I am looking forward writing a proper playable version. :)

Making good progress! Thanks everyone, we can do it. :) :)

50% funded! I will try to write a second draft this weekend. :)

I hope to update the draft around February 9 to make it more playable. 

Thanks for the jam, it was fun to craft a little something. 

Good feedback I did not thought about how drawing ensembles can be extra gameable. I will try to draw some more in the future. Thanks Grey Tide. :)

Good Game for venting! ❤️

It was a fun collaboration!  :)

Love that game! :D

Ok so you need the latest unstable version to open the file. (it worked) 

Well, I can't open any of the files with Scribus 

(1 edit)

I updated Scribus and I can't open the linked Scribus template. 

(2 edits)

Updated the file with a few fixed typo.
Also due to your encouragements here, I am expending on the setting.

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. I have more ideas and projects that I hope I will be able to finish. But I have a real hard time being creative or productive these days so I am working even slower than usual. But I am still trying to draw everyday. <3

Haha posting here feel like I am still in the game! ^-^

I want to run a game session this week! :D

I updated the file. 

Thanks for downloading, write to me if you ever play with it, I want feedback to help me work on the zine version.