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Oh wow all that info was already in the game description *dies*

Haha yeah, the idea was that attack power goes down but it's a little easier to avoid enemies too?
Also, oops. I may have needed to do some more playtesting :P

nice balance between fun and difficult, killed myself a lot going for the coins :P

Super great job! Gameplay and presentation are both top-notch!

Good game concept! With a little more polish this would be a great minigame!

Great concept! Soooo difficult tho :P

So good! Love the original gameplay and concept anbd the graphics and exectution are polished to a T

Great game on its own terms :)

Really smooth! Would make a great minigame inside a larger project!

Great original gameplay! nice to see something not directly derivative.

Super good job on the birdie movements! very polished and organic feeling and went excellent with the lovely pixel art :)

Who'd have though low gravity Flappy Bird would be even harder XP

Excellent music and artistic vibe, my only complaint is how long it takes to get back into the action after dying

Tight visual style! Loved the simple particle effect for the jetpack. All graphics assets complimented each other nicely. A little easy, but otherwise super enjoyable ;)

super difficult :P I am barely able to make it over 1 bird in a row ;)

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Get 'em up! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Can't seem to work the match-3 mechanic?

Great game! love the concept and the graphics and the sound effects were well executed enough that the lack of music never crossed my mind (until now)

Love the NES aesthetic! Sortof reminds me of bionic commando for some reason :)

Wow Great Graphics!

Great audio too, just overall great presentation :)

Great music!

Excellent graphics, sound, and overall aesthetic. Also enjoyed the gameplay a lot more than most of the other "clone-type" entries so far :)

Really great graphics, especially that background! the mode7 effect really made it pop. My only complaint is that the hitboxes seemed a little bit unreliable

Excellent music and concept!

Really good concept! Enjoyable, novel gameplay and a nice retro aesthetic :)

I really dig the backgrounds! The sound when you die and the retention of dead bodies were awesome touches too!