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Oh god... you have NO idea how much i enjoyed this!

Thank you so much! She's really pretty and charming :) I like her a lot. And thanks for all the expressions and stuff - I am not really in the process of making a VN just yet, but this kind of assets is a really great help to learn Renpy and experiment with all of this! I even think of Agustina as my "lab-partner" in a way ;-)

Nice game!
It's short, but i am having fun with it and its very nicely done!
Loving all the characters and the art-style, too!

I hope, there will be updates to this, with more characters, proper endings and things like that!

Keep up the good work!

Dude! This is brilliant! Loved it a lot and it made me laugh, too! The entire idea of a dating tv show in a fantasy world is awesome! The characters are brilliant and well written! I really liked Takeshis introduction! Also, thanks for breaking the fourth wall!

Nice, but i think it would be advantageous for both your sales as well as potential buyers if you told them a bit of whats inside? How many pages, are these just the inGame CGs or concept sketches, not seen before bonus art etc etc... you give too little information. Cheers, and good luck! (btw: i enjoyed Kissing Therapy ;-) )