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Evie Williams

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Strange but good thanks :)

No thank you :)

Great job looking forward to seeing what comes next.

So So Good Thanks

Really cool game thanks

Great atmosphere just wished the game was longer


This is  great I don't recommend the hard mode tho :)

Wow, this was great thanks :)

Not bad :)

And Thanks............

Very nice love the whole atmosphere didn't want this to end :)


Cool game it's a little too dark tho

Loved the game it was a little difficult but I managed to complete this episode, I kept on forgetting I had the flashlight and it's a really dark game, hope you enjoy my no nonsense video gameplay. o and please subscribe to my channel, I need support, thank you.

This is nuts thanks :)

You are welcome :)

Looking great :)

Fantastic from start to finish 


Great game as usual one or two bugs to fix but all in all great fun thanks.

really good thanks,

Enjoy my full gameplay...........

Strange but cool :)


Love this game 

Just wish it was longer.

It sounds like a crazy-ass idea this game but it works in its own weird yes very weird way :)

Just watch this that's all I ask then you tell me...........

Great game can't wait for the full version

really enjoyed this game love the cinematic effect very impressed :)

Thank You.......

Ok so version v1.0.8 is totally different and a hell of a lot darker, but just as good as the first :)

Cheers :)

Very cool thanks

The link finally worked, great game thanks :)

Link finally worked, great game thanks :)

Amazing thank:)

Nice game panicked a bit at the keypad just a little :)


Nice graphics, great atmosphere, loved it.

Thanks :)

Nice :)


Loved it, but was a little frustrating trying to pick up the shotgun shells and beans at the end tho :). Thanks

Nice short horror game loved the ending and the 80's feel, can't wait to see more and thanks :)

So what am i ment to do in this game?

This was a nice short horror game and great to play Well done and thanks :)

Cool Game the ending was great thanks for this, hope you enjoy my gameplay 'o' i also icluded the secret message hope you dont mind. :)

Fantastic game thanks for letting me play

Great demo, now its time to play the full game i think :)

Great game nice scares but needs more, thanks for the demo :)

This was a great horror experience! fantastic work!and so spooky, thanks :)