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Evie Williams

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Very strange, but cool thanks :) 

Excellent thanks looking forward to chapter two.

I really enjoyed this game it was very scary, and the atmospherec was fantastic, im so very iimpressed, and thanks.

So So cool :)

Man this was great so weird but cool, thanks 

Great job :)

Love zombie shooters thansk  very much enjoyed :)

so cool

This demo was great soooooooooooo wana play more, thanks

Not to bad 

Still cant download, this is not very good

Have you downloaded this yet?????

Great Game crashed a few times but still good, thanks

Nice game wish it was longer, o and the mouse sensitivity was to high spoilt the game a bit, but all in all great stuff thanks :)

So cool

Thanks :)

Hello i need the download??????

So cool, just wish there was more :(

Loved the creepy atmosphere, great little game thanks.

Very cool thanks :)

Nice great game can't wait to see the full game :)

Played this game and it was not to bad a little creepy, your game had a cool style to it, thanks :)

A bit of lag in this game but still playable, i just lowered my screen resolution and decreased the graphics, only downfall was the shooting the aim was soooo of but hey still great game, Can't wait for the next episodes,

Man this game is great Looking forward towards the full game, soon as possible please :)

This short game is cool and creepy great job for a first project, hope I see more games soon and thanks.

This game was great hope to see more soon, take a look at my gameplay, and thanks you :)

Great story and nice atmosphere my mouse sensitivity was a bit too high but all in all i enjoyed the demo, ps how do you get into the computer????

Thanks :)

Great game wish it did no end so soon thank you :)

This game was pretty good, can’t wait to see more from you and thanks :)


Awsome Game, shame it was to short love this siren head monster :)

I would so love to see more of this game, i wish it was a little longer, i would also like to no how to get the gun???????.

Love this game can't wait to see the full version, i also liked the twin peaks twist to the end pritty cool thanks.

Great game cant wait for the next version, and thanks :)

Not to bad could do with a few more scares, but all in all nice game and thanks

Great game looking forward to seeing more and thanks :)

Good game short but sweet great sound effects very creepy liked the P.T feel, i hope we are going to see alot more and thanks.

This is my gameplay and download linkk enjoy :)

Your welcome :)

Great game hope to see more soon, thanks :)

Nice game, its a shame it wasnt longer because i was enjoying it so much, nice jumpscares great effects and the horror ambience was perfect, well done and thank you.

What can i say strangely good short, very short horror ish based game???

I hope they continue with this and ye it was fun,so thanks and enjoy the playthorugh.


Great game even without a VR

Thanks :)