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It's so cute! took me a minute to figure it out, but I did it eventually! It is just so fricking cute! I really love the characters though, they all look so adorable!

Super cute!!

It guessed the same for me, I'm a Scorpio too. They got the element right at least though?

I'm a scorpio too and they guess me as a cancer too! At least they got the element? 

Interesting for sure. They got the right element at least 😂 I'm a scorpio, but they said cancer.

This was super fun to play! but on another note, the characters, they look so good! I'd personally rate it a 10/10.

thank chu!

They are so cute! My favorite of them all is the TodoDeku one though. 

It's super adorable!

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These are the ones I made.I really liked quite a few of the features.  (also I made the alien queen Mina Ashido!) Anyways Imma just say some stuff about the two girls I made! The first one I named Tamashi, she was thrown out when she was young because crystals started to grow outta her body and her family thought she was a freak-show, when she could she would act as a therapist for her friends and others. Now the second girl, I named her Fenikkusu, she is the twin of Tamashi, but her crystals grew when she was in her early teens instead of them growing when Tamashi's did, Fenikkusu decided to be a librarian since she has a huge love for books. Tamashi and Fenikkusu like to dress similarly just for fun. Tamashi is more the boyish one of them when it comes to clothing however Tamashi is girly with her hair and accessories though so they have similar accessories instead of outfits or hair.