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The game is fun, interesting concept, haha!

Although the game felt rigged while I was playing, I seemed to keep hitting the Return to Start Squares, which could be incredibly frustrating, sorry..

Though if this would be made into a real game, I would suggest more levels (and possibly less RtS squares) to reduce repetition.

On the other hand, the platforming felt nice, although personally, I think the character moved a little too fast.


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94. Fun, lol

Oh, didn't think of starting from that far back. I'll try soon. Thanks!

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I need help lol just a minor hint

Something like how far away does the cats need to be when they enter the room; which sections of the map do the cats use; which cat gets to the teleporter etc

Are you going to make a Discord server for this fan-game? I'd have some levels I'd like to share. They're very terribly easy

I may be dumb.. But how do I get T?

Oof RIP 

Lol same XD