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For Auld Lang Syne

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You put so much effort into this game but nobody noticed.

This is an up to your reputation for your immense work that we never deserve bud, cuz you deserve it.


                                \ (O_O) /

                           THE SACRED TEXTS!!!

World Map is re - generated to look absolutely f**king amazing

Literally everybody who, like just found it out :

at least i asked a question that is less retarded than you

ok, no need to be such a dick bro.

go kys you miserable sack of shit

no problem man! amazing work you did here ily this game

I asked that same question

Contact the discord if you need answers, they created him

Bro you make the best games like, ever

No lies or jokes, thank you Airdorf, You put so much effort into games that we only enjoy for a minute or so

Godspeed with your amazing games bro

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Goats :

I will choose to explode for no reason.

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Faith : Last Supper ; *Exists*

Anybody :

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"First, we had Untitled Goose Game. Then, a desktop version, but now, It is in Minecraft. It's a goose. We have a goose. -Fundy, on the video "So I added the Goose to Minecraft..." 

 just on a note, no critiques, is there any way I can remove the goose boi? 

just wanted to know before I download this little honker

but as always, stay safe bois