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kian :)

hehe they are cute, aren't they <3

oof unfortunately i have no idea how to fix this. i'm far from a coding master but hopefully autosaves work for you for now! have you tried playing on a browser instead? i find that has way less problems <3

haha thank you! i thought that cliffhanger was quite fun <3

thank you so much!!

are you playing on your browser or through the app? i found that playing on my browser works best, especially through google chrome. i'm not much of a code expert however, so i'm not sure how to help if you're playing on the app

i'm so glad you enjoyed the shorts <3

hahaha thank you so much. chapter nine has no estimated release yet as it is still in the early stages (i took a break in december) but hopefully it'll be worth the wait <3

four times, oh my god. what a compliment, thank you so much for playing !! <3

tysm!! this means so much to me. i love my little found family and i'm so glad many others do too <3

ahh tysm! and yes, i am planning on doing two poly routes, one with A and Blane (vee poly) and one with A and Rylan <3

two days!! that's insane, thank you so much. i'm so happy my work can be something to keep you warm <3

oh my god thank you so much. this means the world <3

hahaha what a compliment. thank you for replaying <3

this made my heart so happy ugh, thank you <3

aside from choosing their branches (i.e the training room, the media room, taking them to the club and bringing them to the vip room), no. at the beginning of the game, i was concerned with defining the relationship between Blane and the hunter rather than developing it. as such, more chances will appear the further we get into the book.

hahahahhaa i'm glad you love them <3

this is one of the sweetest comments i've ever gotten. i adore you and adore the fact that you took time out of your day to write this. thank you thank you thank you. it's comments like these that make me feel like this is worth writing (especially on days where i feel the opposite)

no i don't, sorry! it will definitely be after the new year though. it's in the very early stages still

about 18 or so, but it really depends on how much i space out the plot. i have it entirely figured out, i just don't know how many events slot into each chapter, if that makes sense

i'm so sorry! i just woke up, the password should be gone now

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i'm always happy to provide rep for minorities (in this case, filipinos). it warms my heart when i see myself represented and i love creating that feeling for others. tysm for playing <3333

super excited to share it with you <3

ahh i'm so glad to hear that. tysm !!

tysm!! i'm so happy you liked it <3

that's actually crazy that rylan helped you out in some ways. i hope it was useful to you!! an absolute honour.

tysm for playing <3

tysm!! so happy you enjoyed <3

eek hopefully not too hard! it's coming, i promise <3

hahaha you'll find out <3

tysm for playing and loving my characters as much as i do <33

so glad you like it, tysm!!!

mwah. this comment has made my day tysm <3333

play them all!! choose them all <333

omg wow, this means so much thank you!! i always love when people are torn between ros haha it makes me feel like i did something right. as for the number of chapters, it's shaping out to be slightly less than twenty <3

haha the next part is shaping up to be very interesting...

thank you!! so happy you like it <3

wow what a compliment, tysm. it means a lot <3

i'm so happy you loved it! tysm <3

ahhhh tysm for reading this means so much <33

so glad that you enjoyed!! tysm for reading and supporting <3