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I think Book IV might have a typo; is the second line of numbers supposed to start with 12-4 (as it currently does) or should it be 12-2 instead?

Very interesting concept; I really like the visual style and the control scheme. I know it's meant to be more of an art game, but I personally would love to see some sort of puzzle or story elements added, or at least a few easter eggs.

Brief gameplay question: is it possible to open the panel in the starting screen in the game's current iteration, or is that something you plan to add later? I also have a bunch of items that seem to be useless, so I was wondering if those might have uses in future updates as well.

Is this game confirmed to be canon in the Submachine universe/story?

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Are you supposed to be able to save in between sessions? It works if I quit to the menu and then hit "continue", but if I quit the app entirely I lose all my progress. (I'm running Windows 10, if that helps)

Really liked this. Kind of like a mix between A Dark Room and Papers Please.

This crashes when I open; the crash window says it's a shader error.