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Hello Milocaptain,

Thank you for the feedback!

Hello 4mica, Thank you for the kind words and glad you enjoy it! It's a little tricky can do it! If you need help, let me know! ;) 

Hello xchemist,

I added the countdown timer to the reset using the Leave Puzzle Modes in V1.3.0. See this devlog for details. Enjoy!

Hello xchemist,

I added an optional Move Counter into Abridge. Check out the latest version and this devlog for details. Have fun optimizing your solutions. :)

Thanks again for the awesome suggestion. Cheers!

It would be a little complex with the way the game is structured to integrate a dialog. However, that's a great idea to re-use the countdown timer for leaving the puzzle too. :)

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Right, that's understandable. If I were to add it, I would make it an optional feature. :)

Thank you for the kind words, xchemist. Good suggestions! :)

I'll look into adding a move counter and a dialog box to leave the puzzles.



Abridge community · Created a new topic Thank You!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to personally say thank you! Thank you for supporting Abridge and it's development. It really means a lot. I am extremely appreciative of all of you for it. The game's response has been wonderful. I love watching all of you play it and having a great time. It really warms my heart. :) 

Please considered leaving a review on Steam or a rating on Both really help the game grow and increases the awareness of it.

Thank you again!



Eventide Games Studio

Have any idea to make Abridge better? Find something that needs fixing?

Let me know by replying to this post. :)

Abridge community · Created a new topic Abridge FAQ

Hello Everyone!

Here are some known issue with Abridge (and workarounds if applicable)


  • When running executable, a pop-up says "The application "Abridge" can't be opened"
    • Root Cause: Undetermined at this time
    • Possible factors:
      • No Notorization of Abridge from Apple
      • ZIP tool on Mac removing executable permission
      • Files in .zip file marked as read only
    • Workaround: Run chmod +x on the Contents/MacOS directory

Hello товарищ Havoc DC FC HC,

Thank you for the kind words! It really means a lot! :)