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i just found this novel out and played through all the available content and i just want to say that i am in dire need of more trevor... in fact i need ALL of him right now... CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!

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Nessun problema per l'attesa, l'importante è il risultato ^^

Non per comportarmi come avvocato amatoriale, ma credo sia meglio commissionare artwork solo da adulti, ci sono molti casini online riguardo artisti minorenni che disegnano materiale porno (o comunque, decisamente risqué), molto spesso incoraggiati da persone malintenzionate e la tensione è più alta di quanto sembri. Vedere una VN marcata NSFW con un artista minorenne come sprite artist porta molte persone a pensare al peggio (come si è visto). La decision sta comunque a voi, volevo solo dare un consiglio, anche se non richiesto, scusate se sembro presuntuoso.

Parlando d'altro, avete pensato ad usare altri engine per la vostra VN? Ren'py è praticamente il programma più usato per questo genere di giochi, e che io sappia è piuttosto semplice da utilizzare ,anche se non saprei che livello di personalizzazione offra...

Chiaramente tutto un grosso malinteso per via della descrizione che definisce questa VN NSFW, e quindi le persone immediatamente pensano a roba porno, ma allo stesso tempo, come hai poi anche editato nel post originale, non avevi mai pianificato niente cose sessuali, e sarebbe sinceramente dovuta finire lì. a certa gente piace proprio esagerare... spero che questo "intoppo" non vi discoraggi, vorrei davvero vedere cosa creerete con questa VN

thats kind of not true and id prefer if u didnt go around just saying that and turn this into another "the age of consent in japan is 16yo" (also idek where you see other italian devs, this is the first i found in YEARS), but that aside

its true that having a VN marked as NSFW have spritework made by an underage artist kinda raises eyebrows, so it might be best to watch out for that (and potentially change artist as well)

okay la trama che un po riesci a intravedere dal poco che ci hai mostrato sembra piuttosto interessate.. e comunque ruado è dannatamente adorabile.... non vedo l'ora di vedere la prossima parte!!! :D

hey!! that ending!!!! wasnt okay!!!!!! my poor heart ç-ç and now i gotta wait until the games done??? yall are cruel!!! the game is awesome but yall are actually cruel!!!! pls say syke right now let them be okay ç-ç

welp i managed to get it and it was just as you said ç-ç but finally, my completionist heart can rest..... definitely want more of these two though!!!

Oh this is just wonderful (and painful ç-ç) although I frustratingly just cannot seem to get that elusive third ending!!!! Is there any chance you could share a hint?

I hadn't noticed there was an update until TODAY!!! AND ITS ALL SO GREAT!!! as much as Wes is the love of my life, the scene with cedric.... is it weird it made me wanna cry? the melancholic music didn't help.... theres just so much going on between him and kieran... UGH I NEED TO MORE!!! this vn is so good, keep up the great work!!!

okay this was legitimately funny as heck and i kinda like all the characters, cant wait to delve deeper into the story!!!!

yaaay first build!!! altho, already a problem: im still getting an error screen right at the title screen, and i have to click ignore to start :< idrk whats causing it tbh, i figured it was just a Demo Problem.....

throughout the other updates, ive always felt like teak's behavior was really not addressed at all... and what do you know? we finally DO address it... in the worst possible way that is also the most satisfying. really hope they reach an understanding (meaning, the other dogs actually learn to value luke more) because even through all of that, none of us (and neither does luke) want this ragtag bunch to not stay together anymore...... fingers crossed things go for the better!!! and GREAT UPDATE, somewhat short but it was very meaningful!!! looking forward to the next one!!!

Oh, I'm really liking this!!! I pulled an all nighter just to finish Koshiros story which is by far my favorite and i regret nothing!!!

And speaking Koshiros route, i can't stress enough how much is like to see a hyosuke route in the future, (LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD)

because despite what Koshiro said i can definitely see the similarities between hyosuke and the prince, altho more in the sense that they're foils to each other. It would be super interesting to see how a relationship between them would happen and if it would also help make hyosuke a better guy overall... Ugh, now I'm getting invested in that jerk of a wolf....

That aside, I'm absolutely hooked and can't wait for more! Although I dont think I'll be able to go for other routes easily considering what i know of Koshiro now ç-ç he's just so devoted I'm gonna cry....