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Simply an experience... XD

LOVE this fangame; can't wait to see what's planned with it!

omigosh, thanks for taking the time to watch my let's play and respond here again! ^_^

I'll be sure to check the newsletter out, I really loved playing your game..!

It looks like it's working now! Here's the gameplay :D

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment; I didn't expect any sort of response. Made my day..! :)

My Gameplay of this terrific game! :D

Adorable alien buddies, colorful and playful environments, super-funky puzzles and beyond unique voice powered controls make this game oddly addictive.. I love it!👍

This sequel feels like a polished, longer, and more intricate/detailed version of the first game-while also managing to continue the storyline from the first game. It got genuinely creepy & serious, while having the sillier vibe of the previous game.

I seriously lost track of time playing this; I wanted to explore every possible ending involved-and every character interaction.

Awesome game! I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoy creepy games, choose your own adventure stories/mysteries, or anime fans!

Super cute, and out of this world hilarious. A great smaller game to play to lighten the mood!

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Awesome game, with just the right amount of adorable AND murder..!! Perfect time killer~