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BEST GHOST ADVENTURE AND STORY 11/10 But seriously, this was such a cute game, it gave me Spooky's house of jump- scare vibes but more MS Paint oriented & more story based, if that makes sense... Honestly I really well made game. Love it!

This is why I enjoy indie games, in a nutshell- there's serious games, but we can't JUST play serious games, or at least that's my opinion.

I had such a fun time with this game. The art is uniform and adorable, the expressions on the characters are so varied it really adds to the scenes themselves- The writing is beyond cute, somewhat reliable, & just hilarious... PLUS lgbt representation is ALWAYS great to have in games <3

If you enjoy visual novels, I highly recommend Yuki's 4p!!~

This game was super fun to play.. The main thing that kept annoying me was the overall clunkiness of the battling, but if you treat it as a button masher then you should honestly really enjoy killing enemy skeletons((And yeeting them)) & collecting ALL of the different loots to mess around with!!

I'll definitely be doing a FULL play-through on Twitch soon~! :D

I like the concept of this game; I actually really do like the art style it has. but! Would I play this unprompted on my pc? No, as it stands. It's formatted for phones and mobile devices... That being said, I'd definitely, and might have already, play(ed) some of these games on my phone, in my spare time. I still want more outfit options/customizations, though. :D
I'd like to note, for reference, that Editor does NOT like playing ANY mobile games. They're not trying to be mean; they only seem to like retro games aaaand the sims. this is not their cup of tea on a normal day! QwQ

An amazing anime/cartoon hybrid with great writing. Seriously, between the art/expressions AND the dialogue it went from 'eh, relateable' to 'eyyy, i get that' to 'That was too f*ckin' funny' in a really nice way.  

Nice! I'll definitely be redownloading and playing sometime soon!

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This a super fun idea for a story, with some nice music and awesome art!

My only suggestions or thoughts after playing for a bit would be:

-Maybe a start screen? Although this is more just for normies sake so feel free to ignore, it was just startling to have it jump into the game asap.

-Being able to save and or load the game? Just from a player perspective, it might make it easier if you're playing for a while and hafta leave before you finish whatever path your on.

-In the main screen, with the location: Maybe when you highlight a location on the map it highlights the matching name for the area on the Left side of the screen?((I knew where home, alley, park, and bar were by guessing. But! I couldn't tell what was 'store' and what was 'work' because I didn't know what Vlads work was gonna look like.))

-Correct some of the text with spellcheck, and make sure the text is over the continue button. I had a few lines that were throwing me for a loop because either they were misspelled or I was just missing chunks of texts altogether.

-Maybe explain the mechanics of the game either in the game or on this page.. I felt kinda lost with the time progression. How many acts can you do before it changes the week? Can I only go home once?? These are things that should probably be up for the players to see. It can be frustrating to hafta hash all that out as the player without any sort of hints or tutorial.

-If it's possibly, maybe list endings on this page: Just the amount of different endings you can get kinda thing, no details.


I really hope this game gets tweaked and updated because this is game that I could waste some serious time on, draw fanart for, really all the things. Definitely watching this game and sarahsalad as a dev, like a lil' gamer hawk. Can't wait to see what you make next~

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Just streamed this game because I saw some screenshots & I really liked the idea & the actual concept for it... Such a calming & cute game!! 

The themes of acceptance & undertone of 'try to learn about others, and how they do things' made my heart smile... That, a Trans Vampire, & the use of They/Them pronouns! As a Nonbinary person, you just made my evening, too many games don't include those options or character-types.~

Just streamed this really cool game...

Kyle is Famous is a hilarious game.🤣
I adore the concept, visually enjoy the minimal/clean layout, & the little bits of sound bites/music(s) manage to add a bit more depth to the answer you pick.. Either grossing you out or making the situation that much more tense or real. Super-cool!

Basically an awesome game for those of you who enjoy more reading & choice based story games; with a BUNCH of silly & random things thrown your way in a way that keeps you wondering just how you can get each & every ending possible.

Had an awesome time playing this game on Twitch! Basically fanfiction with interesting plot twists, choices to make, memes for teachers, awkward crushes, and cute dialogue between the characters... I really love that there's multiple ending AND a bunch of achievements. Between the layout, dialogue, & journals, it really does FEEL like a really good mix of dating sim & Life Is Strang, bravo!!

Another amazing game, and I'm super happy I was able to play it. LOVE the art, music, and funny-but-serious-at-times-dialogue.. but, really, it's expected with how good the Liar, Liar games were.

If you're into adorable, kawaii art, perfect music for the scenes, over the top anime situations and murder then you'll love this game AND both of the Liar, Liar games. 


*the best find so far on for me, for reals.* 

Oooooh, that sounds fun! Can't wait to hear about it.. :D

As soon as I got the notification that the game was finished I KNEW I had to livestream it again; & I had a great time!! It's an awesome game that pays a lovely homage to Undertale while still having a new feel that makes it exciting & different..

LOVE the in-game art, & the dialogue. Such an emotional story; Thank you for making such a good game…!

Streamed a bit of this game just recently, and wow!

I like this game a lot so far; I really plan on sitting down and streaming for a bit more later... Just to get all the endings I can get! 

I might've been a bit critical about the music, but to be honest that's the only real critique I have for this game... that, & there were some instances of grammatical errors, but really what visual novel doesn't have that happen?

It's cute, mysterious, funny, and weird all wrapped up in a convenient/easy to play point-and-click visual novel format!~ <3

You are most certainly welcome!! I'm hoping to stream it in the future too, when it's mostly or 100% finished! :D

Simply an experience... XD

LOVE this fangame; can't wait to see what's planned with it!

This sequel feels like a polished, longer, and more intricate/detailed version of the first game-while also managing to continue the storyline from the first game. It got genuinely creepy & serious, while having the sillier vibe of the previous game.

I seriously lost track of time playing this; I wanted to explore every possible ending involved-and every character interaction.

Awesome game! I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoy creepy games, choose your own adventure stories/mysteries, or anime fans!

Super cute, and out of this world hilarious. A great smaller game to play to lighten the mood!

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Awesome game, with just the right amount of adorable AND murder..!! Perfect time killer~