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This is a cute little game that I love! I can't wait to see what the rest of the game is like once the bug with the light oak milk tea is fixed :) 

Honestly one of my favorite games to play in my past time now. The cute animations and art style is adorable. I just love the little cats faces :3  As soon as I get some extra money I will definitely buy this on steam!

Just means you have to adjust the ratios of milk to sugar to boba. 

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This game captures the exact type of aesthetic that I love in horror games. The visuals grab the unsettling and morbid aspects of what is going on in the game. Not to mention that the audio is great. It sets the tension and off putting aura of the game. Also is it just me or did the two characters have some subtle romance? And what ever happened to Ulna and Jack?

Edit: After playing through a second time, they definitely did have a romance. I just missed all the flirting. 

I was captivated by the art style in the previews and my fascination with point and click games. Needless to say this was definitely an interesting game -in a good way! It's also really impressive this was made in a month! I really enjoyed playing this game and finding all the endings. Totally trust our elevator friend

I LOVE this game. The art style, the audio, the odd sounds of the creature at times, everything is AMAZING. This is one of my favorite point and click horror games as far as atmosphere, and art style. It's shorter than most horror games but I love every second of it. 

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This was definitely an interesting game... which is exactly what a horror game should be! The way that certain emotions were conveyed made me also have an honest emotional reaction of disgust and oh dear god what is this, which is what I love in a horror game (this is not an insult I love this game)! The art is also, like they said, hauntingly beautiful. The music definitely adds to the atmosphere of the game. Loved this game, would totally play it again. 

This game is AMAZING. I know this is only the demo but I am already hooked. This game has already shown great quality with the starting content given. The art style is beautiful, the story is well set despite being the beginning, the backgrounds are gorgeous and the music is as well. I could find myself playing this for hours when the full game releases. I can't wait for that too

I desperately wish I could date Bob and you are horrible person for putting them there but not datable/j I actually love this game though. The characters are adorable and the art style is great

It took me three tries to finally get Hui but I did it ;-; First time I played I managed to get 32 Int and 5 Cha, sounds like me though. Slowly working my way to be able to complete every success route. Each character is charming in their own special way. I also adore the art style. Very cute game to play :)

I have no words that can describe this game. Honestly a life changing experience.