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Hi again! Just put up a walkthrough for the currently available routes <3 please take a look!

Thank you so much for playing and for writing this, we’re so glad you loved it!! It is possible to get different endings– right now we have multiple endings for three of the characters (ARA, Miranda, and Leez), both romantic and friendship, PLUS an adorable secret bonus ending… and KJ & Jackie’s routes are in the works!

We’re working on a walkthrough too for anyone who wants to make sure they see all of them >:3

Thank you so much for writing all this and for all your support Ami T^T So happy that you loved it and that it landed the way we were hoping!!

We’re definitely going to be making tweaks to the ending unlocks to make sure you’re rewarded for your thoughtfulness in each character’s route– I hope you’ll love them too once we patch them in! Plenty more content coming >:3

Thank you so much!!! We’re so happy you’re loving it <3

This review really just makes me glow, it means so much to hear 🥺 thank you for playing our game and for the support you’ve given us!!

AMI I would cry to read this essay, thank you for your support!! <3 <3

Ugh this game is truly the cutest fucking shit, I love this, I cried twice by the end, I would die to protect these two. Gorgeous characters, art, music, writing, everything!! 10/10 beautiful game!!