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the secret door is in the shrine. when you get near the entrance of the "final battle" kind of thing (i think there's two checkpoints on each side), go all the way to the left wall and slide down, you'll see a two block space.

sorry if this was a bad explanation, if you need a video i can post one :)

i (finally) found it!! thank you <3

is it in the biggest building with the keys?? i know theres a small corridor up there but it doesn't seem to lead anywhere

im pretty sure that's what richter said the first time you fight him, but its gone now 😔 shorty's so charismatic

i need a full version omg

lmao same i had to exit and go again lol

when i saw val's portrait at first i was like "???" i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me lmao

i got surf but still cant do it, any tips? 

have you done it??

finally finished the game and it's so good!!!!!!!! im missing one piece of evidence so im going back to find it again B)

the game glitched a couple of times but that just made it cooler

same dude

after seeing this comment i've been trying to find the second ending foreverrr (please tell me it has something to do with the orange room eye thing or else i'm gonna be pretty embarrassed)

this game was awesome, though the "fall onto me" grave killed me a lil. crazy fun!!