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The one with two cubes does attack twice as fast as the one with one cube.

I guess I spoke too soon, but the first and second tracks are both definitely from it.

I recognize every piece of music I've heard in this game as being from Eternal Senia: Hydrangea After the Rain, and I'm a little confused.

Still, you could just change it to 'Press any button to start' and change the thing to match.

When I acquired new abilities, I had to experiment with what inputs activated them, and that's just annoying. The game seems fine, but it's difficult to play anything when they don't tell you the relevant controls.

Personally, I find Dead Cells' style of doing that to be preferable. They recommend you use a controller, but do nothing that makes it more confusing if you're not using one. I do NOT like what NieR:Automata did with theirs, as they made it impossible to access a special endgame menu without using one, and I do not own one.

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A suggestion: Marking it as 'press A to start' would be fine on console, but is primarily for computers, and not everyone has a controller. That confused me for around two minutes before I tried clicking.

Maybe change it to 'click anywhere,' or make it 'press any button' and change the control accordingly.