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Awesome demo!

Looking forward to the full game. 

Any time.

Great game!

Good game! Only thing that I didn't care for was the 36 lights/plants, that's a bit much.

Good game! The concept was intriguing.

Always a pleasure playing one of your games!

Fun game! Liked how game overs don't send you back to the start.

Happy to have helped find a bug. I did think something was different, just wasn't sure.

Is it just me or is the maze bigger?

Thanks! I enjoy playing your games.

Loved it! The atmosphere made the game tense and the killer really kept me on my toes.

Very creepy game!

Nice game! Even with monsters looking for me, it still felt very tranquil.

Thanks for watching. I'm glad that my playthrough helped and I agree that it does have potential. 

Game was fun!

Cool short story.

Nice game!

Nicely done. The game was definitely spooky and I liked the look of the ghost lady.


Great game! Got to  stage 11 before I had to stop. How many levels does this game have!?

Hey Niven. I really want to play your game, but what do I need to play it? It's a ppsx file?

Great game! Cool story and I liked how all the spirits were designed differently.

Nice game. Liked how there were no jump scares. Creepy atmosphere. Game worked fine with no lag.

Nice game. Movement speed could be a little faster.

Spooky atmosphere

Cool Game

Neat Game!

Neat game!

Loved it. Is there a happy ending where you end up with SCP-173?

Looking forward to it! 


Great game. Hopefully an update for making it longer or a sequel will be released. 

Very nice game. I liked how it kept changing the game that was being played.


You're welcome

It was a nice game, a little short and too dark in some of the rooms, but good.

Nice game

That game was good creepy. Wish it was longer.

Loved it. Never played a FNAF game before, but glad I tried this one, lol.

Loved the demo. Can't wait to play the full game.