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Congratulations on the Push version.

I'm curious about the choice of system.  Was it motivated by the Push jam or were you already considering the Push mechanics and if so, what makes it a good fit for Adiotopia?

I enjoyed reading this.

I could see making Hypertellurian characters derived from the Alien archetype using the Stellar Courts as the basis for the character concepts.

Definitely generates monsters that are distinctive and interesting.

I'm put in mind of Fire on the Velvet Horizon, which is great company to be in from a "bestiary" perspective.

Congratulations on making into Issue #34!

So if you wanted to run a SCP kind of game using FIST, this is the way to go right?

Have you tried these rules with Hiroin?

Would love to hear more if you have.

I'm curious about what the inspirations for this game are.  

It seems to me that Numenera and Destiny both match the implied setting pretty well. 

Going in a different direction, I can also see possibilities for Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Answering my own question:

I appreciate the reply.

In the context of Appraisal, Valuation is exactly the right word:

Strength and Technology make sense to me but I don't understand what a Material Skill Roll would involve.

A more suggestive term than Material might be helpful.

This is amusing to read and seems quite playable.

It's not entirely clear from reading the text, if each player only gets a single character or if they each have their own team.

How is it going with the revision?

On page 12, the first paragraph of Engineers of Clay, Steam, and Oozes ends as follows:

Magickal energy and transformation to oozes can be performed by instinctual emotion cal

How is the sentence supposed to end?

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The first challenge that presents itself on looking at this setting is what to run it with.  A few options come to mind:

    1. Leaning into the Space side of the setting, Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is worth a look.
    2. Alternatively, if you want to learn into the Western side, Haunted West is an option.
    3. If you want to get all story-gamey with it, Sorcerer would be an interesting choice where the demon is the ember in your gun.
    4. An old-schoolish option would be Dungeon Crawl Classics with Galaxy Black layered on top for extra science-fantasy goodness.  The embers of the Old Gods are effectively Patrons of the Fourth Galaxy.
    5. Finally, what about Death in Space!

    Would love to hear what others are thinking about running this with.

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    Dude, this is a thing that I didn't know I wanted.

    Pairs perfectly with Normie Generator (Link updated).

    I really should revisit this.

    Think I'm going to use this solo for building a #dungeon23 sandbox campaign, pulling a card daily and writing up my responses.

    Okay, I can see that this is a 5e setting and I have never run 5e.

    So I need to figure out if I want to get the 5e stats or convert to something else (Troika, .dungeon, etc).

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    (Condescending remark removed by its' author. )


    Fever Swamp can be found on Itch here:

    You haven't made the PDF available to download, was that intended?

    Really appreciate the A5 version having just spent a weekend laying out an A5 perfect bound booklet from scratch, I have a whole new outlook on what it takes to produce something like this.

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    Think this is the first time I've stumbled across an IF game on Itch, bravo!

    Autonomous and Suzerain don't seem to be political realities that can co-exist in the same polity, but that's semantic quibbling.

    I got curious enough to run the blurb through Google Translate:

    Autonomous is a simple formula for those who want to experience a quick adventure. Whether to explain to someone who knows little about RPG, or to play a quick solo adventure while waiting for service, Autonomous is an excellent alternative.

    The Autonomous system simplifies dice rolls and allows any topic to be tackled with ease. Is a cyberpunk adventure what you are looking for? A hunt in primal antiquity? A fight for survival in an inhospitable place? Any of these realities is possible and all you need to do is fill the model with the data you prefer.

    Love it.

    Sounds laser-focused on the bits that actually matter for your premise.

    Tell me more!

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    Would love to hear about the playtesting of this game and am tempted to do some myself.

    I'm here for this.

    Will see if I can get a game togetehr.

    Now I want to play this with my nieces!

    Gila RPGs crossover FTW!

    There doesn't appear to be a PDF available to download here.

    So many ways to use this.

    Since I'm riffing on DCC currently, I can see these as abilities handed out by a Patron with the commensurate consequences, if the PCs push their luck too far.

    Also weird abilities possessed by monsters.

    Superb stuff for characters and NPCs from an enchanted forest.

    For example, I can see using this for the folks from a Forest of the Dryad in a DCC game.

    This sounds amazing, definitely need to kick the tyres on this!


    I suddenly have visions of The Muppet Christmas Carol.  

    Sounds like a fine template for a Bastionland district, don't you think?

    Did you use a published adventure for your one-shot or did you write your own?

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    Loving this, it may well be the game that I didn't know that I was looking for: Superheroes and Space Opera are two of my very favourite things.

    The specific vibe I'm getting is Legion of Super-Heroes on a Star Trek.

    I really appreciate how much of the implied setting is packed into the small space and the laser-focus of the mechanics on creating the right feel for an optimistic and pulpy game where the PCs can go where no human has gone before and face any challenge they encounter.

    This may end up as my go to for pickup games!

    Yesterday's discovery: