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Just printed out Heterotopia Hooks with a view to using it as a resource with Network 23 which I kickstarted in PDF and then found myself compelled to upgrade to a Print copy.

I think the issue I have is that the paragraph are about choosing and creating skills seems a bit ambiguous about how those skills relate to the character's class.

Thinking about it a bit more, that ambiguity is probably more a feature than a bug.

I tend to prefer clarity over ambiguity but I think I will embrace the ambiguity.

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Would be great to see an example starting character for this very tight looking game!

About that incident where the bridge crew went wild on shore leave...

Liking the look of Kriegsmesser.  Would it be possible to include the singles version please?

Yep I'm seeing that too, there is effectively a missing table due to the broken formatting:

Casting Table 1 (Full Random, part 2)

I'm curious to know which of your games you are referring to here @kumada1.

Having listened to a podcast interview with Alan Moore yesterday, I'm pretty much in the right headspace for this.

Numinous, also gameable if you grok it.

@frnz Thanks again for your kind offer.  

I now have a print copy thanks to our kind host.

Hope you connect with others that you can share Glitchspiel with!


Love how it looks and feels!


Much thanks!

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Planetes is the first thing that came into my head too!

Thematically, the game is great

It occurs to me, that the layout is simple enough that I could cut and paste to create my own printer-friendly version so don't worry about it.

Any news regarding print?

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In the UK, the Melsonian Arts Council of Troika! fame have been partnering with for their third-party fulfillment.

$24.70 for USPS First Class Package Shipping, ouch!

What's the situation re: international shipping of print books?

I love the sound of this but am wary of the cost of shipping to the UK.

Very kind of you @frnz!

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As someone who was quite inspired by Lovepunk, sufficiently so to acquire a print copy of Glitch Feminism, I was gutted to miss out on the Kickstarter.

Will definitely be looking to get the PDF when it is available to non-backers and hopefully there will be another opportunity to get physical copies at some point (Zine Quest 4?).

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Jams I have loved and missed

Love this game concept.  

Here's the perfect source material for it:
The Madman's Library

For more of that Heavy Metal science fantasy flavour:

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For when you need a bit more variety in your Observations on the Derelict:
d66 Sci-Fi Horror Room Details

Great idea.

Now throw in the 24XX games from the Jam!

Of course, that's what Tempus Diducit is for!

Wow, this reminds me of Jeff Noon's Cobralingus but more accessible!

Any suggestions/recommendations for using this with Trophy Gold?

Works now, thank you!

You need to make the Character Sheet public if you want people to be able to download it.

I can't right now as it is asking me to request access.

Not seeing the download here!

10 lost sci-fi items you might find while megastructure crawling.  

Has that Prophet feel for me but YMMV.

Love the aesthetic!

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Is it just me or does it seem like these are perfect adventure seeds for Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures?

Also Nest • A World of Adventure for Fate Core.

Any other suggestions for games that might be a good fit?

Just figured out a very simple mechanic for the Wanderer hack.


Don't tempt me.  Currently trying to get my own WSCA game into shape for submission for the Jam.  

Once I get the first draft done, I might take a look at doing this.

Great stuff, just needs a space opera hack called Wanderer where a PC can die during character creation.

Also a hack called Chance where your character can have freeform aspects and perform stunts!

GlyphQuest and Call From Beyond would be other worthwhile hacks.

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I like it.  Easy to add to another game as a boon or a bane, perhaps for a character that is more susceptible to the Moon's influence.  Perhaps a literal lunatic!

Here's a quick hack, print off 8 of these and number them from 1 to 8.

Stack into a deck facing down, shuffle and pull a card.

Then reference your preferred source on the 8 phases of the Moon for your oracle.

Here's an example source.

From here on in, it's easy to further hack and elaborate on this.

Thanks for the great concept!

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Would you please make a printer-friendly version?

That map though!

Resisting the urge to do a Tunnel Goons hack, Barge Goons anyone?

This is the most innovative Lasers & Feelings hack I can remember reading.

I've been looking for a Cyberpunk game that isn't focused on running missions.  This looks like it.

Looking forward to running a one-shot at some point.