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This sounds amazing, definitely need to kick the tyres on this!


I suddenly have visions of The Muppet Christmas Carol.  

Sounds like a fine template for a Bastionland district, don't you think?

Did you use a published adventure for your one-shot or did you write your own?

I would like a clarification regarding the Old Gods.  2-4 words are listed in the Domain section.

Is it the case that the Domain is defined by all of the listed words, or is the idea to select one word to be the Domain for the Old God?

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Loving this, it may well be the game that I didn't know that I was looking for: Superheroes and Space Opera are two of my very favourite things.

The specific vibe I'm getting is Legion of Super-Heroes on a Star Trek.

I really appreciate how much of the implied setting is packed into the small space and the laser-focus of the mechanics on creating the right feel for an optimistic and pulpy game where the PCs can go where no human has gone before and face any challenge they encounter.

This may end up as my go to for pickup games!

Yesterday's discovery:

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  • Hypertellurians
  • Infinigrad Freelancer
  • Troika! with the City Running Troika supplement
  • Forthright (Sanctuary rules would be great for the Home Base)
  • Vagabonds of Dyfed with the Dortoka city-building supplement
  • Everway

Troika! should always be on a list of planar fantasy rpg systems!

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Here's Sig running on its own original system pre-BitD

I've printed and folded a couple of copies of this.

Thinking it would be good to use these as NPCs for Over the Edge 3rd Edition because Al Amarja is surely adjacent to Revachol and Network 23 which has a Rose of Thoughts instead of a Thought Cabinet.

Hi again,

So this is the flip side, I would like to see some example Adversaries for Fantasy and Science Fiction, especially given that each Adversary is a collective opponent!


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On page 12, the first paragraph of Engineers of Clay, Steam, and Oozes ends as follows:

Magickal energy and transformation to oozes can be performed by instinctual emotion cal

How is the sentence supposed to end?

Military action isn't generally my thing, but I might make an exception for this one.

Just need to find some Expendable Assets for this mission!

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Paranormal spies?  

I'm here for that!

More starting characters is always good too!

Just had my first pass through Seeds of Rebellion and I like what I see.  I appreciate both the simplicity of the system and the laser-like focus of the mechanics on the themes of the game and the experience it wants to produce.

I am considering using it for running the Our Vale of Discontent setting as it seems an excellent fit, especially given the very similar takes on magic as well as the theme of rebellion.

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I have recently discovered Our Vale of Discontent and I'm quite excited about it.

I'd love to read what others have done with it or what they are thinking about doing with it.

The obvious thing is to run it with the OSR/5e system of choice, which I have definitely considered.

However if you go for a campaign frame focused on a particular faction, it could be advantageous to use a system that thematically and mechanically brings out relevant aspects of the setting.  For example:

  • A campaign where the PCs are members of the KRRKT resistance would be a great fit for Seeds of Rebellion which is all about freedom fighters whose magic is powered by emotion and memory.  An alternative option would be Comrades which is about life in the revolutionary underground.
  • A campaign centred on the Fwoom or Drpock would work well with Beat the Boss which is all about labour and community organizing.

My suggested games are all Powered by the Apocalypse, FYI.  Any other suggestions?

Sweet, downloaded!


The example starting characters are here for those following at home and my own future reference:

Hey hey, did you upload the PDF for the game?

This doesn't seem to be either purchasable or downloadable.

Hi there.

I'm wondering if there is a text file or pdf available for this, as I have no idea what to do with either the pod or xml files.

These seem like working files rather than files that can be used immediately by tabletop games.

But perhaps I'm missing something, in which case some instructions would be handy.

Thanks, looking forward to it!

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Some errata for you:

Elephant B:5 M:2 S:3 HP:7 Proboscis, Ivory Tusks

Elefant could be a junior version of the Elephant Man whose Ivory Fangs make for enormous canines!

Gelatinous Cube B:3 M:1 S:1 HP:1 Voracious Devourer, Cold Resistant

Doracious sounds like something out of an kid-friendly anime! ;)

I have the so1um Expanded Edition as an A5 booklet.  

Looking forward to picking and mixing between Enhanced and Expanded as suits my games!

Thank you ever so very much for the rapid response!

I have printed and stapled this as an A5 booklet!

Looks great.

Any chance of a pages version in addition to the existing spreads version, please. 

That would make it easily printable as an A5 booklet.

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Just found these example characters

Found Uncanny Insights here:

Where can I find a definition of Uncanny Insights?

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My updated spin on statting up the PCs from The Great Molasses Flood based on a closer reading of the rules, specifically choosing listed Traits:

Lorenzo Caligari
A firefighter and veteran; second-generation Italian immigrant. He has Boundless Endurance and the Secret, “Why doesn’t Lorenzo talk about his older brother Salvatore?”

Body: 3

Mind: 3

Charm: 1

Superlative Trait: Boundless Endurance
Trait: Always Cautious

Trait: Extra Quick

Trait: Associate (Italian immigrant community member)
Secret: “Why doesn’t Lorenzo talk about his older brother Salvatore?”

Sam Michael
A sailor and veteran on leave. He has Uncanny Insights and the Secret, “Why does Sam stay at sea despite the difficulties and limitations?”

Body: 2

Mind: 3

Charm: 2
Superlative Trait: Uncanny Insights (where is this defined?)
Trait: Associate (fellow sailor on leave)
Trait: Extra Aware

Trait: Extra Coordinated

Secret: “Why does Sam stay at sea despite the difficulties and limitations?”

Harmony Wright
An activist for the Socialist Party of Boston. She has Inner Peace and the Secret, “Why did Harmony come to Boston?”

Body: 2

Mind: 2

Charm: 3

Superlative Trait: Inner Peace

Trait: Extra Convincing

Trait: Associate (fellow Socialist Party of Boston member or sympathiser)

Trait: Extra Knowledgeable

Secret: “Why did Harmony come to Boston?”

TBD: Negative traits, Skills, Quirks and Ties, not to mention Resources/Setbacks and Edges.
Is this on the money or have I missed something?

Perfect for me!

Would be great to see some example starting characters for Fantasy and Science Fiction settings.

Thanks for the response.  Good to know that there will be copies available for those who want them.

Given that I'm based in the UK, I hope there are some UK-friendly options available so I don't have to worry about international shipping costs.  Also about things getting lost in international shipping, which I have experienced more than once in these chaotic plague years!


I think you should be looking to take inspiration from your favourite hardboiled crime media, whether books, movies or TV.

Off the top of my head, the following come to mind:

* The Sopranos
* The Wire
* The Shield
* Any amount of Quentin Tarantino movies but especially Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.
* Classic noir fiction by Raymond Chandler and Dashiel Hammett
* Some personal favourites of mine include Smokin' Aces, and Shoot Em' Up.

Okay, so I found the kickstarter so I know that there's a hardcover at least for backers.

As someone who's late to the party what are my options?

Any plans to make this available in print?

Looks really interesting, I'd be tempted to run this with games like Mini Six or InSpectres.

I'm curious to know what others have played this with or are considering.

Perfect, thank you!

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I've tried logging into Canva and then going to your link again but I'm still not getting an Edit option.

I think you need to share a different link for use as a template or perhaps you need to publish it as a template.

I'm not a regular Canva user so I don't know exactly what the solution is.

How can I download this as a pdf?