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It took me 4 tries to get that I'm not playing for hands >< I really believed I was controlling hands and catching the puppet XD Can't say which one was funner, I guess that collecting the money and breathing out that the hand has gone)))

Lol, this snake is nice - an idea and how it works! It's fun, a fresh look to the old game)

Ahaha, couldn't avoid this! Hope HL3 comes out!) 

I like it! The music is very nice, the graphics are cute and cosy, and the whole atmosphere is nice. I just like it, it works really well, controls are doing what you expect them to, it's interesting to be there. Yeah, it's winter - best representation!)

Well, I never heard that Valve would sue the devs or fans, so you didn't have to be scared ><
To the game - just started, but I like it so far ^_^ I wonder how long can it take to beat the whole game XD

Wow, thank you very much!) Such comments really make me think of making such books again!) I'm glad that you liked it! :)

I like this game. It is cute and hardcore. I thought that green guy is lizard. It was very hard on the level where there are many of these green guys and you can have only the red shield which I thought is a mushroom, and there are also bunnacopters >< TIP: don't be afraid and just let them shoot while holding your mushroom, then all the bad guys will die and you'll save the rest of the bunnies!)

Very nice game!

Wow, cool!) I enjoyed the story even though I had to use the translator) So, I think I can try it again in order to understand the story even better!) Waiting for the update!) Good luck!)

Wow! Really?) Thank you very much!) I'm glad to know that!)

Wow, thank you a lot!) Didn't expect this is making such an impression!) Looks like the story should live!)

Agreed!)) I realize that I know Russian keyboard a bit better than the English one, so I'd like to take an experiment and find out how much it is easier to play if you know the keyboard))

Obrigada!))) I scored 249 as I am almost a professional Zombie XD So much fun!)) Why don't you have Russian?) I can help  you pick up the Russian words as it's my native language XD Honestly, this games really helps to remember the keyboards)) thanks a lot!

Wow, great!)) Not boring at all and really hardcore if you don't know the keyboard XD

My highest score is not that high XD I have fear to try other languages ><


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Wow! I like the graphics - the effects look cool, the monsters are really scary, the music is great, sounds are good too, everything works great. It is not easy to remeber which key to press - not very convenient to switch between "Ctrl" to "B" in one line. 

 One more thing - is it a bug? I seem to have lost the lives and it says "Try again" I still can press all the shooting buttons and move but the "Try it again" faded screen is above the game. I try to press "Space" and  "Enter", how to restart or continue, please?

Wow, it really reminds me of that one-game "consoles", looks retro. I like the graphics -it looks like a shadow theater)) Everything works fine)

:3 Obrigada ^__^ I'll make it asap)))

Obrigada por sua opinião! Eu aprecio isso! Lamento que houvesse becos sem saída na foto. Eu estava com medo disso. Eu estava com falta de experiência e tempo para aprender melhor. Inicialmente eu queria tomar mais decisões dependendo dos pensamentos do jogador, mas fui muito fundo para contar a história.

De nada. Keep on making fun little games!)

Wow, that is fun and a complete game!)) Parabéns!))) I like it))

Interesting gameplay!) And very cute ovni ^__^

Great)) I didn't know it was in terms of a 1-hour gamejam))) then it is normal)) Great job for 1 hour))

I've tried to play right in a browser - fuuuun))))) I also played your other game - both do not have sounds at all. Is it not working on my side or you really do not put sounds in your games?