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Many good submissions, could play only about 2/3s of them though on windows/keyboard. Hope this is helpful!

Fun game, pretty high-quality for an indie game

Could see the body sprite when I looked down though. Also the screen cut off the top and bottom, I think what happened was your HUD stuff was at an absolute resolution. I was playing at a lower-res 16:9 resolution and couldn't see health or what was at the bottom

Nice work though, liked the style of the enemys and the controls were good

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Fun game! Look sensitivity is a little weird though, like the vertical look is slightly slower than horizontal. Would be OK with the difficulty being a bit higher (taking more damage and doing less) in exchange for some faster default movement speed (like CSGO does). I just like the sensation of rushing around though like you can in Hotline Miami (kinda feels like a similar vibe). Also might suggest making the atmophere a little darker, if you are trying to go for cyberpunk

Was pretty fast-paced though, was very fun to rush though. And it worked. And it was written in java of all things! Why on earth would anyone want to do code in that!

Nice work though