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anyone wanna play?

u wanna host?

anyone hosting?

i cant download

hey raven i have to say i love this game.i got it when it was just released for a week.

but just a few thing as suggestions (i understand you get a lot of these but please take this into consideration)

1.a type of class system 2. maybe 2 or 3 servers(i understand netcode is hard as me and my freind understand coding and its difficult) 3.A plane (a machine gun seat.a bombing seat, and the pilot seat) 4.finally a bit of ai improvment to make the game more challenging.

from your biggest fan, Euyafd

when i get to the tech office number and it asked me what is the code i tried both what do you do to unlock the answer

I started right now and i clicked start and i dont know what bto do?