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Enes Ugur Sekerci

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art cok guzeldi ama oyunu yetistirememistik, asil Merve ile senin eline saglik! :) 

Thanks man!

I will definitely check it out before voting ends


You guys are smart! I had doubt that no one ever gonna understand the meta part, but it seems lots of you even saw the end :) Glad to hear from you!

Thanks a lot! Made my day :) 

Oh yes, sounds like a bug in the flow. I will reach you to fix it if you would like to help. Would you please ping me on twitter/eusekerci ?


... ama oyunun dogasi geregi bircok Windows-spesific kod olabilir. Cat diye compile olmazsa durt beni.

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I glad you liked it buddy!

The ending music is a no copyright cover of "Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Stronger". You can find it here:

All the sound effects are made in

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Hala Mac'im yok  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(HTML5 de technical sebeplerden dolayi olmadi bu kez)

 I can say they are two different game came from same idea, and you made it better, I couldn't break yours :)  you only focused on core of the idea, which I really like.

Check Patrick's game out:

Thanks dude :)

fun design. I liked it. I am stucked second time I saw the Mace in a level. Level design was cool but it gets hard very fast

I like this kind of puzzles. "only one" button sounds cool. I would refresh the page when I see "renew", it would be very cool puzzle. Than I played again and stucked at morse code. I couldn't write "next" :) it was fun

Thanks dude, glad you liked it!

Thanks :)

I didn't know you could check the conversations, so you are actually better hacker than me :)

You should see it singing!

I am glad you enjoyed!

Yes, you won, congratz! :) Sorry for not making it clear.

I couldn't believe if someone ever reach the end. Thanks for sharing it! It made me happy.

Hey! Thanks for this page:

I made a game that you can only play once. It is actually a-meta-puzzle-game. (Unfortunately it is only on Windows)

I game that you can ONLY play ONCE (it is actually a meta-puzzle-game)

I am sorry that indicators and feedbacks by game wasn't enough to understand core mechanics. If you stucked in a room, you can check the walkthrough here by Kevx

Thanks! You are the first one that I watched someone's playthrough. I am glad you liked it :)