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i need to play again I was more than entertained xD

so funny xD

the music scared me xD

so trippy

very trippy!!

I had a fun time!

I had a fun time!
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I had a fun time!

I had a fun ti
i had a fun time!

this game was so cute!!!

I had a fun time!

I had a fun time!

I suck at gaming but still had fun

this game was so much fun!!!

loved this! the voice especially-

had a lot of fun playing!

the graphics are pretty!

very interesting! I think this game has a lot of potential! 

scared me!

really liked it! Wanted to keep playing

i like the concept but the controls were tricky!

love the concept!

I enjoyed it! Im bad at gaming lol

Had fun playing during my stream! I was a little confused at some points but its just because I have a smol ghost brain

I am SO EXCITED to play through all of this!! I absolutely fell in love with the first game and I know I will love this one just as much! Thank you guys so much for putting together such an amazing game <3

really interesting so far! I cant wait to finish the rest of the demo!

LOVED this! it kept me hooked till the end. it was a real wild ride

really like the demo so far! 


this was so much fun!

very interesting xD 

omgggg super excited for this

super beautiful and so well put together!

so cute!

This is the first time a game made me cry, please keep doing what you are doing this game was touching

I am a big fan of argent games and I had so much fun playing this! I feel that it was spicey enough for a free game. The era of time was such an interesting choice and I really enjoyed how you guys played with that. Looking forward to your other games!

kind of wish there were more endings but still good job 

super cute! I really enjoyed it