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Yuvraj Kumpavat

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Thank you so much for playing. I was about to do some polishing, but the procedurally generated platforms took a lot of time.

Thanks to my supervisor and my level of design skills, I could do it with ease. I appreciate the comment, bro.

I hope I gather some courage to work more on this game! I will try my best to bring more updates to the game.

Thanks for speedrunning my game! XD

Thanks for suggesting VVVVVVV. I watched the gameplay and it's pretty decent.

I was thinking of putting other characters but this was the university project and I'm kind of violating it. XD!

Okay, I will look into that bug as soon as my 1st-year finishes because I have many assignments to complete. After I finish college work I will look into that bug and fix it! Thanks for informing me.

What kind of bugs was there in the game? I think it must be the enemy one spinning like a helicopter XD!

Thanks, mate, the asset was actually given by my professor. So I'm kind of violating my university rules XD! But yeah it was just a prototype and leverage to work on my skills in Unity.

I am so happy that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much

Thanks for the comment, mate

damn, thermoperiodicity! XD

Hey buddy, I am using your asset for our love2d game jam! Pretty sick 

Hey man I am using your spritesheet for my love2d game jam

Yo, the couch song is dope!

sorry sir, my bad! From now on I will be careful.

Hello, my question is what would be the size of the pixel art of a sprite if we want the sprite to fit within 84x48 screen size.

Hey mate, will it be possible for you to make this available for android. This game could be helpful for my mom to release all kinds of stress. Thanks

Hey, which programming language did you use and how did you make the controller setting in the game??