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Humorous and unexpected! I was trying not to sweat as I attempted to get through the dining experience unscathed. The characters were delightful, especially Talaiporia.

This visual novel is fun, sexy, and a really interesting cyberpunk concept all at once. I really enjoyed the artwork. I've only played Dr. Kato's route so far, but I appreciated the theme of consent  present throughout the game and this particular route. Definitely excited to play Exit's route next!

This is the game that introduced me to Exit, and she's wonderful! I love how the game presents everything through her unique perspective. There is a real sense of tension between trying to figure out how to escape and wanting to enjoy all of the kinky possibilities! The banter between Exit and her captor is fun while having a sense of danger and anxiety. I look forward to replaying!

I have never watched Lupin the Third, but I really enjoyed it all the same! I laughed out loud several times, and the kinky jokes were delightful! Definitely a fun little game.

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I highly recommend this game to anyone with an interest in subtle horror and sensuality. It is not explicitly sexual but definitely titillating. It also explores compassion and loneliness in a really beautiful manner. I'm looking for more writing and games in this style. If you're a fan of horror with a more psychological side, you should check this out.