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Yeah, that feels a lot better for me.  Thanks a lot! :)

Seems promising, but I encountered a softlock right at the start of the game.  I started with Owen, and left the starting room without picking up the keyring from the table.  The door jams behind you and you can't get anywhere in the next room until you restart the game and take the keys.

Just played through this and really enjoyed it.  It's too bad I hadn't heard of it before the bundle, because it's definitely my jam.  I might end up buying it on Steam just to give you folks a little extra support.

Maybe it'd be too much trouble, but a gallery of the different sprites and artworks you've seen would be really nice.

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Is there any way to deal with the mouse acceleration in game?  I really wanna like this game, but the inability to point my cursor where I want it to go is proving to be a game ruining experience for me.  I've lowered the sensitivity setting down to like 30% and tried adjusting the tile snapping setting to minimum and maximum, but nothing really fixes the issue.  In fact, as far as I can tell, with the tile snapping setting on, the cursor attempts to lock onto a tile when I press LMB or RMB, but the mouse acceleration causes it to fly right past the tile making it even harder to aim at anything.  

Is it supposed to be intentional challenge?  Is it some weird setting on my computer?  I'm just baffled by this issue.

Edit: The issue in question: