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Glad you enjoyed it!  Any specific moments that stood out or you liked best or such?

Major thankies!  I intend to continue this series for my entire life (and set things up in such a way to ensure that's actually possible, heh).

What a fantastic game!  I'm a huge fan of those classic NES "MacVenture" games, and this was, well, definitely one of them, heh.

My only big complaints are there's no way to make the text appear quickly (like you could in the NES ones), and that thing where a word starts to appear on one line before suddenly jumping down to the next after realizing there's not enough room (it just looks really unprofessional).

Also a shame there was no "You messed up!" music before dying, though I think only Uninvited had that...

But I really liked how examining everything gave plenty of hints on what to do, and I especially liked finding things I could do before finding out why they're necessary (like being able to turn the power off), plus the inclusion of "useless" items, especially with how most of them you can't tell they're going to be useless until the very end.

Oh, and I especially liked how, if you die from the infection, the counter resets when you continue (just like with that ruby in Uninvited).

In any case, great job on this!  I definitely enjoyed it!