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I believe the game should be in english.
Yes, you have to put all the source code.
"Andd, I can use Ren'Py? Have any problem in make a visual novel?" I don't think this will be a problem at all. 

Hello! :) are you still available? I am still thinking for an idea for the game jam, but I believe we can both think out of something and just work it out (if you are interested) :D 

I actually did check the game and rated it, I loved this game! it reminded me of the old games that we used to play as kids, the way it looks and the way the sounds are, was just great! I had some problems at first getting to some areas, (like the dark area when I had to get the old man wheelchair) but I think this is the way it is supposed to be.

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Thank you so much! :) I actually have a 3d artist, but he was sadly busy at the time that the Jam was started, but for the next year we will do that for sure! Thanks again for commenting, we appreciate that! :)

that's the worst mistake I made, no multi platform :/ thanks for commenting

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback <3 you are right, we will fix that in the next update for sure. 

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I loved it !  Rated.

Thanks man!

Perfect! looking forward for the next update, good luck! :)

Of course, well, the sound of the woman in the background was a little bit annoying, however I think it was only in the beginning.
what I didn't like about the game, that when the woman in the background is talking and I take a virus the 2 voices talk together which I hope will be fixed in the next update :) other than that, the game was really enjoyable! :) 

I loved it! :) the sound was a bit annoying at first, but it got better after that! :) 

Loved it :D Good luck!

فكره جديده و جميله :D

حلو جدا!! :D

Thank you so much ^_^

Thank you so much <3 appreciate your comment :D

I simply Loved it!

Even tho the game was simple, some music or sounds would have helped, but great efforts!

Good Game! :) Rated! 

جامده جدااا

Good game, but so hard! 

Played it and Rated it! :) I liked it, but I think that the SFX is not that good,can you also check my game? :) thanks!

Haha that's what's needed! :D I hope you enjoyed it :D go here :) then you will see a download button to download the game, when you are done you will see a section to rate (with stars) :) 

Did that and rated it ! :) great game!

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Hello guys! :) Please play our game here and give it a rating, and if you have a game please send it's link and we will be glad to play it and rate it too! :) The game

Thank you so much <3 I loved your game too! <3

Rated! it will be appreciated if you see my game too! :) 

Thank you man! almost everything is made for us, humans and skins are made in a software called Iclone 7 ! :) we only took some models from the asset store , thanks for the comment again!

Thanks man <3

لا دي اكثر حته عجبتني هههههههههه
فضلت في السينما ربع ساعه

Any PC Version?

يا لها من صدمة قويه  :D :D :D

There should be 'ZangaGame2017Win_Data'
folder next to the executable

اللعبه ناقصه ملف

IMPORTANT: Please wait for a minute or 2 in the date to get more choices.

انا عجبتني :D

ملهاش علاقه بموضوع الزنجه على ما اظن

As a game devoloper I would say that this game is one of the most awesome games I have ever saw.