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I'd like to try out your game, but every time I run it, I get this error message :(

"Application folder: BackspaceBouken_Windows/Windows
There should be 'BackspaceBouken_Data'
folder next to the executable"

Despite the data folder being next to the executable. Did you compile the game with the 'Compatibility Level’ option set to ‘.NET 2.0 Subset’? If so, I've heard changing it to ".NET 2.0" fixes it.

EDIT: Never mind, I somehow fixed this by re-downloading it a couple of times. Strange.

I tried out the demo, and I liked what I saw :)

Though, I feel the boss battle at the end was a tad too easy, especially in comparison with the escape sequence.

Decided to try out this title. It looks very promising.

I did a Let's Try on the Alpha V6.8 release of this title. It was fun, albeit simple and shorter than what I expected.