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Great to hear from you again! Giving it a C API is the right call, as it makes using it from "whatever" language possible. 

Also I’m on an iPad! :-

Some stutter, but not terrible considering I’m way out in the boonies and internet here is slow

How? How can you create so much stuff?

Anyway, on MacOS, to bypass the security check you only need to launch the game the first time by Right clicking and picking "Open", instead of double clicking. The "Open" button only shows up if you right click.


I actually didn't use wasm, I was getting browser errors that went away compiling to asmjs...  will try again when I have a new version.

Yup, no lights!

Emissive color, Concentric cylinders, each one very transparent (like, alpha=0.01) and a linear gradient that multiplies both emissive and opacity along one axis, for the soft fade. It also looks better if I add noise to the texture, since it blends each cylinder into the next one better, but I haven't automated that yet, so it's not in here.

Thanks for the nice words! I've been able to make some additions and will keep working on it, despute the lack of time. Will update soon.

Love the aesthetics!!!

My only issue is how the controls are mapped to the space - sometimes pressing "up" goes diagonal, like in old school isometric games. Could be relative to camera, so up is always up.

Life is being demanding right now, and it's unlikely that I'll be able to finish this as a proper game, but at least I'll try to have a working prototype. Latest addition includes a basic Actor system so now I can start adding things to the maze.

Actually, it's all fake 3d, done with sprites. Old school! I'm trying to keep it limited to something an early 80's computer could do , although I'm using probably more colors than I should. Monkey is pretty simple and is great because of its simplicity, but the issue is that getting the basics (a hierarchy graph and entity system, collisions, etc.) can be a pain, since it doesn't come with a default engine.

Thanks! A day job and a baby can be very demanding, but I'll do my best! :-)

That looks so lovely! Any chance there will be a non-Windows version?

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Another small update. Now with smooth transitions between tiles and a basic minimap. Almost done with the maze navigation code, the only thing missing it a second layer representing walls not directly in the player's path (you can see this issue around corners sometimes). After I figure that out, next step will be populating the maze with monsters, traps, locked doors and loot. None of it interactive yet... that will come later.

Also, currently you can't walk backwards, which is kind of a pain, but it saves me the trouble of playing the tiles animations backwards. I'll probably add that at some bonus round in the future.

Updated with the "maze engine" in much better shape. Still needs quite a lot of work, and I disabled the animated transitions to make things a bit simpler for now. Eventually walking around will be more satisfying. For now, damn this is hard! Should have picked something simpler to make! :-)

Hi, I'm moving from mockups in Photoshop to actual game code right now. Not a lot of time to do it, only 2 to 4 hours per night, so wish me luck!