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you do NOT NEED WINZIP, just open the file with 7zip, or open it with file explorer, then extract all

i never said it was unplayable

its intended to be that way!

i cant download this version anymore!! i really want to test out the dev console, but i cant download it. download link for 0.02?


I have an idea! I think it would be cool if you added a blue door lock, or a chair to baracade the doors. also, a energy drink, to replenish your stamina, and make you run 2x faster would be really useful. also, how about another ending? *SPOILERS AHEAD* if you get the secret ending five times in a row, then filename_2 says:  what are *bvvv* doing here? i told you to *BeeEP BZZZ*. i mean, *BZZZ BEEEEP vzvzvzvz*. Its corrupted, as *BEEP* told you before. but its *BUZZ BVV* this *BUZZZUZUZUZ*, then his head dissapears more, and then he says: im almo-*BVV beeep vwvwvw* then the textures get SUPER distorted, and the game crashes. when you enter the game again, there is no sound. and then when you start story or endless, its just filename_2s shirt and pants just sitting there. and for the rest of the game, thats going to be there forever.


dude awesome game!! Im planning on doing a lets play on this game! Although there is 2 things. 1 whats is the music to the main menu called? 2 the games math is super hard! Im just a kid and when it puts up math like that its really hard, and the fact that viktor still moves is even harder! Please consider adding a kids mode. But other than that, its baldi and more!