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Not a bad game at all, personally i didn't find it very scary though. I'm looking forward to seeing you grow as a developer though and if you want to watch, here's my video below! 

i loved this game and i enjoyed one of your previous "light switch". I'd appreciate anyone watching my new video and subscribing if you enjoy! 

I liked it a lot! cage face was creepy and imposing and his AI was fair. If anybody would like to watch my video i'll link it below, be sure to subscribe if you enjoy! 

My favorite game of yours that i've played! Spooky and very well made plus i just love your style. Here's my playthrough of the game in case anyone wants to check it out! If you do, don't forget to subscribe (; 

i really liked this game. I accidently deleted my footage of my playthrough though so i can't link it. make more games though this was awesome

I enjoyed getting the milk and avoiding the spoopy impostor. Come watch the new video and subscribe if you enjoy! 

Solid game! Definitely spooked me good a couple of times and i'm looking forward to what you do in the future!  I hope you can reach your goal of 50$, you deserve it. I'd appreciate anyone watching my playthrough of this game and subscribing if you enjoy! 

hello hello, this game was pretty solid and gave me a few laughs while keeping a good sense of dread. I'd appreciate anybody watching my playthrough of the game and subscribing if you enjoyed! Thanks! 

This was really cool and pretty high quality! I'd appreciate anybody checking out my playthrough and subscribing if you enjoy! Thanks!

I loved this game even though it was very goofy, check out my playthrough video and subscribe! 

I had a lot more fun with this game then i thought i would! Really fun and short but not too challenging. Check out my video below and subscribe if you enjoy! 

This game was really good and high quality and its wild i could play it in my browser. Check out my video linked below and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy! Thanks! 

Okay so i liked this game, i just sucked at it. I think at least knowing what your health was at would help a lot.  I made a video of my experience playing this hidden gem. Check it out and subscribe! 

Super cool and spooky. I felt that the tunnel crawling segments were a bit long but still a really good game. 8/10. Check out my playthrough below and subscribe if you enjoy!  

Oh boy this game is solid. Pretty spooky and really solid design. Would love to see more. I'd appreciate anybody checking out my playthrough! Thanks and have a good day everyone 

This was a super quality game! I liked it quite a bit. I'd appreciate anyone checking out my playthrough of it! Thanks! Also make more games seriously this was dope. 

I sucked at this but the game was good! It was a good sequel to the original. Check out my video and have a good day man. 

Very well made, i was expecting spooky but i got sad): highly recommend and i'd appreciate anybody checking out my video of me playing this(: thanks

Wow this game is cool. The music especially is great. Gave me a whole new appreciation for violin. I'd appreciate anyone watching my gameplay and subscribing if you enjoy! 

I'm all over it, i'll cover it in a future video (:

Pretty good quality and gave me quite a spook. Check out my video of me playing this! 

This was dope! Let me know when the full game releases man i'll be all over that. I'd appreciate anybody interested in this game to check out my playthrough and subscribe if they enjoy! (:

I love it, very weird and entertaining just like food for pigs. Check out my video playing it(: 

Super dope game, would love to revisit it when it gets expanded into a full game! Check out this vid of me playing it and subscribe if you enjoyed (: 

This some real spooky stuff here. I dig it. 

Yeah i'll definitely check it out again once it's updated! 

Very fun and scared me more than i expected to be honest. Check out my video of it below(: 

Very spooky, 8/10. Here's me playing it if anyone cares!

I had a lot of fun with this game, good job dude. Check out my video of me playing it(: