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It would be nice if the mouse could center itself on screen when the menu comes up. Sometimes it's way on another screen or hidden in a corner. Otherwise fun!

I was wrong about the harpoon. Explosive isn't available for the first boss yeah?

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That's exactly what I'm doing. I execute the "Anger Foot.x86_64" file right from directory or through the terminal which actually gives me output and that's how I know it's core dumping.

Edit: I figured it out. There was some cruft left behind from another extracted file in the parent directory. My bad! Game is awesome!

Linux version displays the big foot on the screen for the cursor and then core dumps immediately.

OS: Linux Mint 20.2

Kernel: 5.4.0-77-generic

Cool atmosphere. You're missing out on a lot if you choose to camp for the night. But it's really easy to get lost for a long time in the dark. It would be nice to have a few clues to help you go the right way. Some of the dither options in the menu are downright unusable and on Linux the esc. key doesn't bring up the menu. I enjoyed playing quite a bit.

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I puttered right on past the first boss and I no longer see any radar indicator for its location. At the start there is the red indicator on the edge of the radar but when I went past it, it went off the radar and I can no longer find it. There's not much for land marks so I have no idea which direction I'm going or if I've turned 90 degrees or 180 degrees. Just lost at sea now...

Also, on Linux the animation for the explosive harpoon doesn't seem to work so I have no idea if I'm throwing a regular or explosive. Low quality settings make the game unplayably dim and medium settings have artifacts all over the bottom half of the screen.

Edit: The explosive harpoon, I guess, is not available during the first boss? I thought there was a problem with the animation but it works fine on boss 2-4.