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did you ever get the license to complete working on the game? also is there a way to use a controller?

i am using a gamesir t4 pro controller but sometimes the driver doesn't always work so it could have just been that also some people are right a graphics setting would be nice I'm on a low end laptop and it runs just fine but its does play a little laggy from time to time. sorry if i bothered you hope you and your team are doing great and i look forward to  your future projects.

question what happens when it goes paid and you release updates would we have to buy the paid version to update the game also is there controller/gamepad support asking while its downloading used to own this game but lost it so i praise you

controller support also love the game!

love the game its perfect but i would love it even more if it had controller support

love the game and would have paid 10$ if i had the money. keep up the great work =)

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could controller/gamepad support be a possibility in the future? also would have dropped 10-15$ if i had the money.

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to the devs i didnt pay for the game but easily would have dropped 10$ for it