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Recent community posts

my pc isn't even that bad, But i think it's because of the amount of entities, AI, scrips and vegetation, the game runs well but when i get in a tank or a heli, it lags alot

that's not normal when you think about it

Hey there, i really love your game, but there are some bugs that really need to be fixed

first off, the AI.

whenever a match starts, the AI just goes in a line to an outpost. there is nothing wrong with that, but it's quite annoying. what is more annoying is that sometimes they lean in cover, but they just lean in a place where they can't see the enemy. an example, i was playing the game in the island map and a bot saw me, as soon as he saw me, he hid behind the wall and leaned instead of shooting at me

and most AI bots can identify the player from a distance, it's random

i was trying to sneak up on an outpost, and a bot saw me and shot me

it made no sense because he was far from me and i didn't even get close to capturing the point, he just spotted me out of nowhere

two, whenever i start a match and get in a helicopter and tank, my game lags out a lot

i tried to lower the graphics to simple, but it still didn't work. it happens in both the island and dustbowl maps because of how big dustbowl is, and probably because of the amount of vegetation there

and, the Attack mode is INCREDIBLY hard. even if you lower the difficulty to Easy, it'll still be quite the challenge

i don't know if it was supposed to be like that, but it still hard. my suggestion is that you try to fix up the AI a bit

Two, The Guns

The AK is quite hard to control because of the recoil, but the bots don't seem to get affected by the recoil

they can hit from very long ranges without getting any recoil, which is very strange

and, You guys should try to give the guns some fictional names, it's just a cosmetic part, but it's fun to see that

i'd love to see more guns in the game, maybe a bolt action rifle and a revolver would be fun to play with, but make then balanced, the DMR can be very op some times. i suggest that you make the DMR semi-Automatic instead of Automatic, in my opinion, the DMR should be a gun that shows more effect in longer rangers

Three, the inventory system

all bots can carry an rpg or a javelin, which is very annoying because they can take out tanks or Aircraft easily

mostly with the RPG

in my opinion, the RPG should be less accurate in longer ranges, and bots should carry javelins too

Keep up the good work <3