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It should be fixed now.

Nice game, my player wouldn't keep following the mouse as if I hit an invisible boundary though?

Rogue appliances was a really nice idea!

Controller only?

Cool little game, graphics and music were good. Would be a fun game for mobile.

Very simple would be nice to spend the coins on something.

I like the style, I couldn't figure out where to click to make my creature gain experience though. And the only options button that works is the one that leads to the developers twitter...

Gameplay is nice but sometimes the ball is hit the wrong way.

Nice little idle game, I would like it if there were more things to buy from the shop.


Very simple, I think it would be better on mobile.

Cool idea, music and scene really worked well.

Looks really nice I liked the style of the court a lot, I didn't score a whole lot either got a lot off the rim though!

Simple but very effective mechanic, everything feels polished.

Gameplay is pretty solid, swerve close to stars to collect more points but try not to get sucked in by the gravity:

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Title screen:

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Endless space flying game, try and avoid asteroids, planets and the sun. Maybe get a laser powerup to blast things out of the way? I've slowly made the art, soundtrack and sfx for the game and now I'm beginning to put it all together.

Tweet with gif/video:

I'm doing the 1-bit style using a dithering shader.