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the amount of hours i have in this game is unhealthy

thank mate!

thank you! I agree with your feedback :D

Good work dmoa!

I'm proud of you for completing it ;)

Aw, thank you my dude! :D

im too scared to download this 

This game looks gorgeous! Reminds me of lemmings :D 

This is a couch co-op game, needing two gamepads and two humans :D I wrote it in the description of my game, but not on here, hence the carfuffle!

This is a two controllers, two players kinda game. I should have specified in the game :D

Hello, yes this is a Local Couch Co-Op Game. Should have specified in game, you need two controllers, two players.

cluck :)

Loved the cute music and art style! Got confused initially as thought it was WASD for movement ;)

Loved this game! The random bubble placements add for some very difficult gameplay sometimes though ;) 

Good submission.

You raise some good points!

In the classic gauntlet arcade, I think throwing the axes are a free thing to do, the only cost being your hand and how fast you can spam them. However, I do need to add a cooldown for it.

I was going to make a type of enemy that left behind a red line, however I ran out of time. Something to work on for an update :D

The blue potions kill all enemies on screen when touched, although it is not clear.

Thank you for your feedback <3

Impressive that you managed to combine 3 different games into one! 

Positives: I loved the sounds that the game had, the fun arcady feel it had and the cute UI design.

Negatives: Personally I found the game very confusing at the start as it had no instructions, and I (again personally) felt that the pong walls where quite slow to move. 

But overall, good game and good job of going above of what the jam asked of ya ;)

Hello mate. On my screen the screen is just grey, so I am not sure how to proceed. Will refrain from rating currently.

Hello mate! The game when I clicked play says 

"Unable to get property 'getParameter' of undefined or null reference"

so I will refrain from rating at the moment!

thank you comrade :D

Thank you my friend! And you are right, needs more of the light cycles ;)


Thank you for the feedback my dude! The wonderful city art was done by Monk3ly ;D

cool game

Once you get the mechanics it is quite easy! :D

Aw thank you dude


Thank you dude! You have made my month!

I like this game, however I am dogshit at it

ah yes, the timer would be it! 

Thanks dude

Thanks dude, it now works. Love the visuals and audio!

Loved the gradual incorporation of mechanics into the game.

The random bombs made it harder than I thought!


(Got to level 3)

Love the game dude, I take it the random element was the amount of monsters that spawned in?

If you say the rooms and layout are randomly generated I'm gonna be blown away.

Like the spooky theme of it too.

so goddam DIFFICULT!

But seriously, the art style looks amazing and the audio completely matches it.

Only problem I had was sometimes when I held down a key the character wouldn't move.

I might just be shit though.

Really good game.

There was a glitch at the escape pod which caused me to keep saying "He's Dead" indefinitely, but I love the worldbuilding and the mechanics.

how do I launch it

Hello! I can't seem to find the game, it says nothing has been uploaded yet? please help friend

God Tier, publish this immediately

Nice game!

Only issue I have with it is sometimes spikes spawn in right next to the door, so you cant progress.

Then, just ignore that bit of the name