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Not sure if it's just me, but I can't click on the notebooks in the Linux version

Some programs will extract all files to a temporary location when you try to run a program in it

Linux build pls? I can play test if you want 

-a Linux user

You can render it into a sprite

Defenestration community · Created a new topic Feedback

Hello, please leave any feedback you have for Defenestration here.

Ok, in the next update I will switch to a proprietary character controller, which will add support for custom controls.

Hello, recently I googled Survive the Mafia, and i found this: They even got their profile pic from in-game. Please link them to the real page,

Survive the Mafia community · Created a new topic I'm Back!

Hello, it's been awhile, but i'm back to developing the game! I'm working on v1.1 right now, here's the changelog(NOT FINAL):

  • Fixed Sun Shafts
  • Added Enemy limit
  • Added Ammo
  • Added difficulties
  • Added Loading Screen
  • Added Grenades
  • Added cheat codes

If there's anything else you want me to add, just comment below.

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Thanks for the feedback, here's the changelog for v1.0:

  • Looped In-Game Music
  • Fixed enemies not moving while walking
  • Added new levels
  • Added new skybox
  • Added Score counter

Please note: This changelog is not final, more features to be added soon.

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  • Sounds
  • Score counter
  • More Levels
  • Better menu
  • Respawning health packs
  • Multiplayer*
  • Ammo system
  • Knives
  • XInput Support**
  • Custom Controls**
  • Wave mode
  • Assult Rifle
  • Console Commands

Please put your suggestions below!

*Feature is currently being worked on

**Feature has been delayed